A biofilter is a prudent approach to combat odour pollution, leveraging natural processes to eliminate odorous and unpleasant elements from air and gas streams. This system comprises a structure, organic bed, and distribution network to guide noxious air. Vital in wastewater treatment, composting, food processing, agriculture, and manufacturing, biofilters offer advantages including cost efficiency, low energy consumption, and environmental compatibility. Naturally, biofilters present an environmentally mindful solution, utilizing microorganisms to adeptly manage odours across diverse industries.

Multifunctional Odour Management

Biofilters, powered by microorganisms, excel in diverse sectors. From wastewater treatment to agriculture and industry, these eco-friendly systems combat odours effectively. In wastewater plants, they neutralize compounds, while in agriculture, they reduce VOC emissions. Industries and waste management benefit too, serving sustainable odour control. Biofilters: a green, powerful, and versatile solution.

Biofilter for Odour control are commonly used in many industries such as Fish processing industries, rendering plants, feed manufacturing industries, bone processing industries, foundries, painting shops, plywood manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical industries, speciality chemical manufacturers, rubber processing industries, paper manufacturing industries, food-spice processing units, fibre glass units etc for their process and ventilation air treatment, Municipal Solid waste treatment plant and wastewater treatment plants (Sewage treatment plants-STPs and Effluent Treatment plants-ETPs) for the odour control.

Conventional Biofilters

Biofilters have widespread use in diverse industries to eliminate odorous compounds from air or gas streams. The conventional design includes containment, media bed, distribution system for odour-laden air and water sprinkling/irrigation system. The media bed supports microbial growth. Notably cost-effective, simple, and environmentally friendly, these filters impart effective odour control for various industries. 


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Two Storey Biofilters

Two-storey biofiltration systems, or multi-tier setups, optimize odour removal efficiency. By augmenting surface area and interaction time, they boost capacity and tailor treatment. Operational parallels with conventional methods apply, ensuring consistent performance. This strategic approach offers potent odour management for industries seeking enhanced capacity within spatial confines. 

Three Storey Biofilters

Three-tier biofilters, synonymous with multi-tier biofiltration, exemplify cutting-edge technology for mitigating noxious fumes and atmospheric pollutants. This trifold design extends contact time, enhancing efficiency and airflow distribution. Maintenance and operation mirror conventional protocols, ensuring optimal microbial vitality.

Three-tier biofilters gives amplified treatment capacity, heightened removal efficacy, and

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Containerised Biofilters

Containerized biofilters integrate biofiltration within a portable container structure, offering efficient odour control in industrial and municipal applications. Operational parallels to conventional systems involve monitoring airflow, temperature, moisture, and media. Periodic media maintenance ensures optimal efficiency. These mobile solutions provide versatile and reliable odour reduction across industries. 

Ultra-high rate Biofilters

High-rate biofilters, renowned as high-capacity biofiltration systems, excel in tackling air contaminants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odorous compounds. Their design prioritizes efficiency, efficiently managing substantial air volumes in compact spaces. These biofilters find success across sectors including feed manufacturing insect meal manufacturing and fishmeal units, providing cost-effective and lower footprint for VOC and odour removal from in

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