How to Treat the Exhaust Air from Poultry and Meat Processing Companies?

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Industries like poultry and meat processing companies causes odour nuisance to the neighborhood. There have been several technologies to tackle this situation. The requirement of an exhaust air treatment system is determined on the basis of the size of the facility, the specific processing operations involved, the exhaust air volume, and pollutant load to be treated, and the resulting nuisance potential

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UASB – Back Flush (An advanced high-rate anaerobic reactor for complex wastewater)

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Anaerobic digestion is a biological treatment where the degradation of the organic matter happens in the absence of oxygen and produces biogas as a by-product. Anaerobic digestion of wastewater is the economic choice for the treatment of high-COD industrial effluents. High-rate anaerobic reactors extend the benefit of anaerobic treatment for medium and high strength effluent, substantially reducing the cost of effluent treatment plants.

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Benefits of Using Anaerobic Digestion for Industrial Waste Water Treatment

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Industrial Revolution over the past few decades has led to the generation of large amounts of Industrial waste water that has the potential to pose huge threats to the environment & to the health of the living beings. In order to avoid, prevent & control this, various industrial waste treatment and disposal methods are used.

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Waste water Treatment plant modelling

An Introduction to Wastewater Treatment Plant Modelling

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The Stringent Wastewater discharge limits made the process modelling software an inevitable asset to many process-engineering companies. Process modelling provides a better understanding of new plant designing, upgrading the plant, optimizing the existing plants, and improvements in process control. It also helps to select the lowest CAPEX-OPEX solutions, in troubleshooting, to train the stakeholders, and nowadays even used to predict the greenhouse gas footprint of a treatment plant.

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Odor affects human beings in several ways; pleasant smells can bring about a positive feeling whereas unpleasant smells can interfere with a person’s quality of life. Studies have shown that the prolonged exposure to odorous gases has adverse effects on human health and the complex nature of odor may result in air pollution. Continuous exposure leads to many health issues including stress, anxiety, and headache. With the growing population, industrialization, and urbanization, the odor pollution has increased manifolds.

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