Industrial wastewater treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment

At Enviro, we contemplate how better we can reuse the wastewater. So, we specialize in providing systematic solutions for industrial wastewater treatment plants, like design, engineering, supply, installation, and commissioning. With a stubborn commitment to excellence, we stand at the forefront of the industry, recognized for our exceptional track record in delivering efficient industrial wastewater treatment solutions. Our team of highly dexterous professionals combines extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that your unique requirements are met with precision and efficiency on time.

Extended Aeration Plants

Our extended aeration plants utilize advanced technologies to efficiently treat industrial wastewater.

Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Plants

Our customized BNR plants effectively remove nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, from industrial wastewater. Through a combination of biological and chemical processes, we ensure compliance with regulatory standards while minimizing the environmental impact of nutrient discharge.

High-Rate Anaerobic Digester Plants

With our high-rate anaerobic digester plants, we exercise the power of anaerobic digestion to convert organic matter in wastewater into biogas. This process not only reduces the pollution load but also generates valuable energy, offering both environmental and economic benefits to your facility.

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