Industrial odour control

Industrial odour control

Elixir Enviro Systems (P) Ltd (EES) specializes in providing customized solutions for industrial odour control in various sectors, including Process Industries, Sewage Treatment Plants, Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plants, and commercial establishments. EES offers turnkey supply and installation of exhaust collection, ventilation systems, and exhaust gas treatment solutions tailored to each application.

To effectively address odour emissions, EES first characterise the emissions coming from the industry and understands the client requirements and expectations. Then the emissions be evaluated for various treatment options. Sometimes, segregation of certain gas streams, whereas sometimes combining certain streams etc to achieve the maximum efficiency of the treatment system. After the selection of the specific treatment system, EES will go for detailed engineering of the system. This includes the selection of technology, required pre-treatments, post treatments etc. In India for instance, the odour control is in its initial stage wherein the clients are more interested in a long-lasting solution with minimal operation cost and a reliable system. In many cases, EES utilizes advanced biological systems such as Gas Biofilters and Gas Bioscrubbers, in those cases. The selection mostly due to the suitability of the system based on factors such as odour removal efficiencies, inlet odour concentration, and specific chemical composition.

In industries the odourous gas/exhaust can be of different characters, for instance some emissions can be extremely hot and dry air, some can be extremely hot and wet gas, some can be fully saturated gas stream, some with high concentration of dust etc. EES meticulously check the air stream and look for the pre-conditioning requirements. The preconditioning can be Humidification, dehumidification, Condensation, heat-exchanging, dust removal. Further, EES implements water scrubbers, chemical scrubbers, or bioscrubbers as needed for each industry.

The Biological Odour Control Systems offered by EES include different types of Biofilters such as conventional Biofilters (Cocofil™) of different configurations, Containerised Biofilters, extremely high rate biofilters etc. The Cocofil™ Gas Biofilter employs bacteria and pre-inoculated media to break down pollutants into harmless by-products, providing immediate start-up and long-term performance. Notably, Elixir Gas Biofilter Cocofil™, a patented invention, stands out for its cost- effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and minimal energy consumption. Cocofil™ is specially formulated to handle mineral salts resulting from the treatment of volatile organic compounds, ensuring stable performance and microbial growth. EES collaborates with clients to determine the most suitable Cocofil™ variant for their application, catering to different emission strengths. Driven by expertise, advanced technology, and a commitment to sustainability, EES delivers bespoke solutions for industrial odour control, effectively mitigating odour emissions across diverse sectors, thus managing one of the environmental issues.

The Chemical Odour Control Systems Offered by EES includes Acid and Alkali Scrubbers, that too is being offered in different configurations such as Counter current scrubbers, Cross flow scrubbers etc. In case of physical/Thermal treatment EES provides Activated Carbon Filters and thermal oxidisers. Basically, at EES odour control is not a single solution system but rather it is a very comprehensive and reliable engineering solution. So we shall be analysing the problem in detail to design the appropriate solution for our client.

Driven by expertise, advanced technology, and a commitment to sustainability, EES delivers bespoke solutions for industrial odour control, effectively mitigating odour emissions across diverse sectors, thus managing one of the environmental issues.

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