Onsite wastewater quality assessment

Onsite wastewater quality assessment

Elixir Enviro Systems outshines in rendering precise onsite assessments and analyses of wastewater quality. Our professional services are tailored to evaluate and measure the composition and characteristics of wastewater generated on-site, particularly within industrial sectors. Our primary objectives include gathering accurate data for system design, assessing the performance of existing wastewater treatment plants, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

Our adept team follows a rigorous methodology, collecting wastewater samples directly from the source or multiple points at various intervals. These samples undergo meticulous analysis within our cutting-edge mobile laboratory. Utilizing specialized techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we measure critical parameters such as Total Chemical Oxygen Demand (tCOD), Filtered Chemical Oxygen Demand (fCOD), pH levels, nitrogen compounds (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite), phosphorus, sulphate, volatile fatty acids, and other relevant indicators. To ensure precision, we employ imported portable benchtop spectrophotometers from Hach, Hach thermostat digesters, pH meters from Hanna, and other top-tier instruments.

The results obtained from our wastewater quality measurements serve as a foundation for assessing the efficacy of on-site wastewater treatment systems, identifying potential challenges or failures, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. This invaluable information empowers property owners and operators to make informed decisions regarding system maintenance, upgrades, or necessary interventions, thus guaranteeing optimal wastewater treatment and environmental protection. Engaging our services ensures the utmost accuracy and reliability, as we are renowned for our proficiency in delivering precise onsite wastewater quality measurement services. By employing our expertise, clients overcome common quality concerns associated with laboratory analyses.

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