Things You Need to Know about Odour Control Systems Today

Things You Need to Know about Odour Control Systems Today

Air- without it, life is over in seconds. Air is the most consumed gift of nature by humans. Yet we pay too little attention to managing air pollution.

Odour is a serious inconvenience for humans and brings about great irritation and physical stress to our day to day lives. The air we breathe in, the water we drink should be odourless and tasteless. The presence of foul odour indicates something toxic. The right to clean odour free air is part of the fundamental right to life. Industries, commercial establishments, municipalities and housing establishments have a legal responsibility to ensure that their activities don’t cause odour pollution and have proper Odour control systems.


The common sources of odour are:

  • Food and Feed processing industries such as fish canning/processing, spice processing units and spice warehouses, bakeries, coffee grinding units, edible oil processing units, Shrimp-fish-pet feed industries, Slaughterhouses
  • Chemical & Petrochemical industries including Extraction units – both colour and flavour, Latex and Rubber processing units, petroleum refineries, waste oil refining units, Bitumen hot mix plants, Pulp and Paper mills, printing houses, fiber glass units
  • Petrol pumps
  • Pharmaceutical and drug manufacturing units
  • Fish and meat markets, commercial kitchens
  • Reprocessing units such as Reclaim rubber units, Waste paper/carton reprocessing unit, plastic waste reprocessing units
  • By-product’s processing units such as Bone Meal, Fish meal, Chicken feather meal, Slaughterhouse waste rendering
  • Sewage pumping stations, sewage treatment plants
  • Solid Waste transfer and treatment facilities
  • Chicken farms, pig farming, cattle sheds

Since odour affects us and our fellow beings physically and mentally especially when exposed to it frequently or persistently, it is a growing concern at a humanitarian level, Hence the need of Odour control systems. This is why few skilled individuals devoted their time to find a solution for this inconvenience. Companies like Elixir Enviro Systems provide industries with technology to be environment friendly.

Why is it essential to have an odour control system in your industry?

1. To eliminate harmful health risks 
Odour control systems are set up for welfare of the employees and those who live in the neighbourhood. Odour can cause vomiting, nausea, headache and mental fatigue which will interfere with their day to day lives. We are liable to keep the impacts of our operations from harming others.
2. Control Air Pollution
It is popular knowledge that industries are the biggest contributors to air pollution. Children are cursing industries for taking away the quality of our environment and leaving them with no good air to breathe. Odour control systems remove odour due to harmful gases from the air. It’s high time industries act with responsibility.
3. Free of Complaints
Irritation caused due to odour can lead the nearby residents to file a complaint against your industries to the concerned officials. If the complaint is valid, you would be facing legal cases. Save yourself from such chaos by investing in an efficient odour control system.

How to control odour?

Odour emitted from industries contains complexes chemical compositions. The first and foremost thing about odour control is the effective capture of the odour from the factory. To capture the odour, a proper exhaust ventilation system has to be designed. Once the odour is collected, the next thing is the selection and careful implementation of the suitable odour control system. A wide range of odour abatement technologies is available including Biofilters, Bioscrubbers, physical adsorption, Chemical scrubbing and catalytic/thermal oxidation systems. Spraying “deodarants” are wrong practice and do not control or eliminate the odour from the exhaust gas. The choice of the treatment to be used depends on many factors including required odour removal efficiencies, flow rate & inlet odour concentration, type of chemical species in the odour, variability in flow and load, space requirements and infrastructure (power, drainage, etc). Biofilter is considered to be an ecofriendly and cost-effective technology to eliminate the volatile organic compounds (VOCs), H2S, Ammonia and other odorous gases from the exhaust gas stream.


Be a part of the movement to shift our industrial activities from non-ecological to environment friendly. Elixir Enviro Systems provide you with scientifically engineered technology-based Odour control systems to beat odour related issues.

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